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I am a 41yo gay man, a very amateur photographer in recovery.


My Life, Living with HIV and Living Clean in New York City.

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Posts regarding addiction (articles I have found; my opinions; my own experiences as a recovering addict)

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    Oh really?

    You don’t say?!

    A friendly reminder of why I do not drink anymore.

    Maybe I’m just too ~sensitive;



    And take things too ~seriously and whatnot.

    But I really don’t find “get AIDS and die” funny in any way at all.



    Me. Neither.

    It’s no laughing matter.

    (via travellikeavagabond)

    (via 17 All-Time Worst Bathroom Fails)


    We were at the beach yesterday and just before some of us were about to go home we decided to take a group photo. 

    Well… We took two pics and when were getting in position for the third this topless chica comes running over wanting to be in the picture.  We have no idea who she is or what she really wanted.  Anyway… Boobies!!

    But I’m Gay!  And we were in the Gay section of the beach.

    Ain’t it the truth!?!

    Wet Taint


    Tumblr Winning and Failing


    I was wondering I wouldn’t get any followers… surely there are people out there with similar interests?!?  If not followers, at least someone would find one of my posts and Like it or Reblog it. 

    I started conducting Searches myself using tags that I normally use.  None of my posts were ever included with the results.  Even my own posts, when searching my archives through my blog, I would get No Posts Found. 

    Turns out Tumblr has been having problems with the Search function… a few hours after my email to them last night regarding whether or not anyone else could even find my blog, my posts starting appearing in Search results.  Winning…

    I got an email today explaining that they are working on the Search functionality… Winning… and there will be upgrades soon to come… Partial Win

    After rolling out the New Dashboard (i don’t mind the change) I noticed, for my Theme, the Submit link is now gone on my blog… FAIL… How can my readers Submit anything to me.  I checked the HTML and the coding is still there but the /submit URL doesn’t work. FAIL

    The Services tab is gone from the Customize page… FAIL How do I autopost to Facebook?

    I’m happy that they are working on upgrades and fixing any bugs… but at least send out an email telling us that we are going to lose certain functions and give us a FAQ sheet to help some of us find where they moved the more common stuff…

    anyway… that’s my 2 fucken cents

    you can Reply or use the DISQUS comments section on this post’s page

    What do you think?

    Is anyone else’s Submit link gone? Ever since the new Dash = FAIL

    I think, depending on the Theme you have… your Submit function may be gone.

    to that i say, “BOOOOOOooooooooooo!”




    Rapture = FAIL! because it’s afternoon here which means it’s tomorrow on the other side of the planet.

    NO HALF MEASURES people!

    Christian Ledan

    (via nottoofancy)

    Tumblr app for Android fail?

    This is a test… I sometimes use the Tumblr app on my Android phone. Well, starting this morning, when I reblogged a post that reblog would also post to my Twitter account.

    Hmmmm, I checked my settings, on web (u cannot access these types of settings through the app), under Customize»Services and that feature is not enabled.

    So I am posting this through the app to see if it happens with all posts or just reblogs. If either or both is the case, I suggest that those of you that use the app sometimes and have your Twitter account linked, some of the more risqué stuff might end up somewhere you don’t want it to.

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