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    Dominican NYPD Officer Says Superior Had ‘Hit List’ To ‘Crush’ Minority Officers

    A NYPD officer plans to sue the city for $15 million, saying she has been the victim of a racially and sexually charged work environment since 2011.

    Eunice Vilaseca claims her supervisor at the NYPD’s Housing Bureau in the Bronx, Lt. Dennis Azambuja, repeatedly discriminated against her and other minority employees while other supervisors ignored or condoned his actions, according to a notice of claim her lawyers filed March 14.

    According to the notice of claim, Azambuja — who works at NYPD’s Public Service Area 8 at the Throggs Neck Houses — announced that he had a “Hit List” of African American and Hispanic workers he disliked for their ethnicity. He also made offensive comments about Vilaseca’s “Spanish hair,” and “openly referred to females as ‘Bitches’” in the workplace, according to the notice of claim filed by the Sanders Firm.

    Vilaseca, who is Dominican, said she filed numerous complaints with the Office of Equal Employment and the Internal Affairs Bureau, but that there was no change in Azambuja’s workplace behavior, according to the notice of claim.

    According to the Daily News, Vilaseca complained about Azambuja’s behavior, NYPD brass questioned her sanity and put her on modified assignment, Sanders claims.

    It was the same game they played with (Officer Adrian) Schoolcraft,” said Sanders, referring to the Brooklyn cop who was detained by the NYPD and locked in a insane asylum for 6 days against his will when the department realized he was going to public with incriminating evidence against them.

    The scandal comes just days after Officer Adrain Schoolcraft and Officer Pedro Serrano testified in court, providing evidence that the NYPD illegally set quotas for stop and frisk, told by their officers to target “male blacks 14 to 21” and illegally ‘misrepresented’ crime reports to decrease the official crime rates in NYC. 

    Related: NYPD Officer Blows Whistle On Stop & Frisk,  Superior’s Told Him To Target “Male Blacks 14 to 21”

    (via femmeempathmagus)

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