Easy Does It

I am a 41yo gay man, a very amateur photographer in recovery.


My Life, Living with HIV and Living Clean in New York City.

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Posts regarding addiction (articles I have found; my opinions; my own experiences as a recovering addict)

Some funny, political, crazy, weird, interesting, and/or hot stuff I find around the internet or make up. This blog may contain content not suitable for viewing by minors (18 yrs+ only)

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I welcome comments on any post... however this is not a forum to break your anonymity or someone else's.
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    Confetti filled eggs

    Shameless selfie… I have to wear reading glasses now. Getting old


    Happy New Year!! to my followers.

    Have a great 2014!

    Merry Christmas to All!!


    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria


    - Campaign Website »»The Big Push  

    - Read Article and Submit Your Portrait»»Huffington Post 

    My makeup was done by the very talented Abi Yussuf and the outfit was design by Hernan Villasmil

    i had not done Drag in 13 years.  No too bad?  Had so much fun today.

    Yep… That’s me today in Drag.

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