Easy Does It

I am a 41yo gay man, a very amateur photographer in recovery.


My Life, Living with HIV and Living Clean in New York City.

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Posts regarding addiction (articles I have found; my opinions; my own experiences as a recovering addict)

Some funny, political, crazy, weird, interesting, and/or hot stuff I find around the internet or make up. This blog may contain content not suitable for viewing by minors (18 yrs+ only)

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    Faithful Prisoner

    HIV equal campaign… Photographed by my friend Thomas Evans

    Back in 1997 I was an extra in the indie film 2by4… You only see me for a fraction of a second. It was fun. The scene was filmed at The Vault in NYC which shutdown that same year.

    My makeup was done by the very talented Abi Yussuf and the outfit was design by Hernan Villasmil

    Not just fathering, but being a dad.

    Pre-Birthday gathering in Central Park yesterday.


    Seen on Number 2 train.. NYC

    I am $200 away from reaching my Goal!!!

    Please support this cause by making a donation.  Thank you.

    AIDS WALK New York 2013

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